We would like to represent attractions in the vicinity of Putikon Hovi, wich will give you an opportunity to explore the Savo region during your stay with us
On site of Putikon Hovi
Putikon Hovi  Art and Crafts  Museum

The Art and Crafts museum is situated in the middle of the Putikon Hovi Manor, and represents exposition (on the ground floor) which contains over 2000 exhibits devoted to agriculture and military history, as well as everyday-use items of the beginning of the last century. The collection was formed by Lauri Ruohola, the previous owner of the estate.

The first floor uses for art exhibition that displays paintings of Finnish professional artists, numerous exhibits of applied art from different areas of Finland, including ceramics and wooden sculpture. Year by year the artists from St. Petersburg and Karelia have been participating in the art exhibition.

The exhibition is open daily between 10-16. The entrance is free for guests of Putikon Hovi.     Read more ..   

Pond, boat and Dam

A charming pond was created on the territory of the manor many years ago after building the Dam. Guests can use for free our paddling boat in order to tour by themselves the charming area of the pond. Swimming in the pond is also possible and even recommended, especially after using the “rantasauna”.  Also there is a little waterfall which falls from the height of the Dam on the wheel of the watermill. Guests can get close to the falling water  standing on balcony built especially for that.

The White Dining room

Within the Main Manor building is situated the beautiful White Dining room decorated and preserved in a traditional style. The staff will gladly open and present the room to our guests.


Our guests can go fishing on Saima lake, in 1 km distance from the manor. We have fishing gear and paddling boat on the lake, for rent for a symbolic price. There are opportunities of a real fishing safari in lakes surrounding Punkaharju, for this we recommend to look for professional fishing guides in the area.

-fishing gear – 5 euro/3 hours

-a boat at Saima lake – 20 euro per day


There are 3 saunas at our guests disposal for additional price: the electric sauna in the main building, the beach sauna (“Rantasauna”) near the pond and the traditional “black” sauna (“Savusauna”).

-shore sauna – 10 euro per hour if heated by guests, 20 euro per hour if heated by mansion staff.
-electric sauna – 10 euro per hour.
-black sauna (savusauna) – 100 euro per day, heating and preparation by guests.


BBQ facilities are available free of charge: the permanent outdoor fireplace on the beach of the pond and several mobile bbq’s. Charcoal can be purchased for additional charge.

Bicycles, Games

Our guests can use for free bicycles in order to explore the nearby nature surroundings.

Ping pong, badminton, darts,  batute and children’s playground are available on the territory of the manor.

Garden, wild berries and mushrooms

Our guests are welcome to taste berries in a charming garden facing the main Manor building. Wild berries and  mushrooms are in abundance (on season) in forests on the territory of the Manor and in the vicinity.

Sights near us

(within 15 minutes driving North West)


●    Hiking, cycling and swimming  in Punkaharju ridge –  situated between crystal clear lakes Puruvesi and Pihlajavesi, the ridge is one of best known finnish national sceneries. Tourists are welcome to explore it on countless marked routes and trails that crisscross the ridge, between pine trees and charming little lakes, one of them follows a part of  Salpa Line. There are also routes for nordic walking and charming little beaches for swimming.

●    Scenic cruises at Lake Saimaa on the board of steam boat in Punkaharju area and between Punkaharju and Savonlinna

●    Canoeing, Boating, Fishing -Kayaks and canoes can be hired from the Harjun Portti tourist centre which also offer assistance for novices, and also for several accommodation companies in the area.

●    Horse Riding – available in Mannila all year around,everybody can ride – both amateurs and experienced riders.

●   Harjun Portti – renting kayks, rowing boats, boats with small engine and motor boats,

●   Water and amusement park Kesämaa

●    Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum

●    Art Galleries – Johanna Oras Art Manor and THE WORLD-FAMOUS CAVE (LUOLA) COMPLEX IN PUNKAHARJU


(Within 40 minutes driving North West)


The Capital city of Savo region, with around 35 000 people, situated in the lap of lake Saimaa features: 

  • Shopping, restaurants, daily market.
  • The Olavinlinna Castle – The landmark of the city and the hole region, built in 15 century, uses as a major stage of the annual international opera festival which takes part in Savonlinna every summer.
  • Old historical Savonlinna with its wooden houses and old avenues.
  • Daily scenery cruises to Lake Saimaa.

(within half an hour driving South)

  • Parikkala sculpture park (Patsaspuisto) – 550 concrete statues in a magnificent garden, built by Veijo Rönkkönen. One of the most bizarre and misterious places in Finland, not to be missed!


  • Siikalahti a significant bird wetland and the best lake in Finland for bird watching. It is a popular hiking area for birders, nature photographers and families with children.


Kitee zoo

( Within 45 min  driving north east)

Kitee Zoo, located in Kitee, Finland is the fourth biggest zoo in the country. It was opened in 1996 and has over 50 animal species. There are Finnish animals, such as bearsand lynxes, as well as more exotic animals. It has the only yaks in Finland


Visulahti in Mikkeli

(within 2 hours  driving south west)

Big amusement park and aquapark in Mikkeli. Dinosauria is a thrilling adventure for explorers of all ages. The heated swimming pool complete with water slides is a source of delight for everyone, while the Dino Fossil will keep budding archaeologists busy for hours.


Mechanical Music Museum in Varkaus

(within 1 hour 45 min  driving North)

The collection of instruments is unbelievable; music boxes, automatic pianos and orchestras, violins and accordions and hurdy gurdys from small table models to an enormous Amadeus. The grandest of all is the world’s largest orchestra, a 75-man Popper Goliath.


The Kerimäki Church in Kerimäki

(within within 40 minutes driving North )

The biggest wooden church in the world. Designed by Anders Fredrik Granstedt and built between 1844 and 1847, the church has a length of 45 metres (148 ft), a width of 42 m (138 ft), a height of 37 m (121 ft) and a seating capacity of more than 3,000. Altogether, there can be 5,000 people at a time in the church.

Lekotti air trail adventure –  rope park, rent of canoe and boats

(within 1 hour driving North )

Lekotti Air Trail Adventure gives a wide variety of activities with high and low element challenges, zip lines and simulated free-fall adventures.


National Park Linnansaari

(within 1.5 hour  driving North )

Linnansaari National Park consists of hundreds of islands and big open lakes. It is a wonderful area for day trips, camping and boating. In Linnansaari you might even get to see the endangered Saimaa ringed seals. Many nature paths and hiking routes await you. From a sightseeing point you can admire the astounding scenery of Lake Saimaa.


SaimaaHoliday Oravi 

(rent of kayaks and boats, waterbus to Linnansaari)

The idyllic village Oravi is located in between the National Parks Linnansaari and Kolovesi. Oravi is offering variety of guided nature activities and the largest canoeing center in Saimaa.


National Park Kolovesi

(within 1.5 hour  driving North East)

Kolovesi National Park, which spans over three counties (Enonkoski, Heinävesi,Savonlinna) is  ideal for canoeing and kayaking. There is a nature trail and a hiking trail which lets you get to know the area and the surrounding nature.


Imatrankoski rapids in Imatra

(within one hour  driving South)

Situated in Kruununpuisto Park, the oldest nature park in Finland, Imatrankoski rapids were formed 5000 year ago, when land rose after the Ice Age and Lake Saimaa waters tore the Salpauselkä ridge apart. Imatrankoski was a famous tourist attraction already 300 hundred years ago, and in the end of 1800 century it was considered as a one of the Europe’s most know attractions.


Hiking trails in Etelä-Karjala

(within 45 min driving South)

Hiitolanjoki scenic trail and Haukkavuori nature trail in Rautjarvi



(within 20 min driving South)

Siikalahti a significant bird wetland and the best lake in Finland for bird watching. It is a popular hiking area for birders, nature photographers and families with children.


Megazone Laser tag Savonlinna

(within40 minutes driving North West)

Megazone Laser tag Savonlinna – Laser tag is played in a dimly lit, fog-filled, multi-level arena where players are provided with high tech vests and awesome but harmless laser guns.